Monday, July 9, 2018

Major Reasons for Halitosis

Bad breath is something you would want to get rid of as soon as you can. However, it would be even more important to figure out what causes bad breath, or halitosis. There can be a lot of things from bad eating habits to illness that can result in bad breath. In many of the cases, you may be able to get rid of this condition at home. However, there can be a number of cases in which you may be required to visit the dentist.

Food choices
While talking about bad breath or halitosis, food choices are first to be discussed. There are certain foods, such as garlic and onion, which have strong smell. Coffee and certain other beverages such as tea and soda can also result in bad breath. Consumption of sugary foods and then not brushing your teeth can also result in bad breath because sugar tends to stick to your teeth, leading to the rotting of tooth enamel.

While eating inappropriate foods can result in bad breath, not eating enough foods can also result in the bad breath. It usually happens when you stop eating carbohydrate-rich foods. As a result, the body starts burning fats instead of carbs. When that happens, the body produces ketones which result in foul smelling breath.

Poor oral hygiene
Skipping brushing your teeth once in a blue moon shouldn’t be of big concern but if you are doing it regularly, there are greater chances for you to have bad breath consequently. Moreover, you will get the same result if you brush your teeth but skip flossing your teeth. Brushing your teeth can help you get rid of the plaque buildup and bacteria on exposed surface of your teeth but it wouldn’t clean those interdental spaces. You will need to floss your teeth regularly if you want to get rid of plaque in those spaces.

Another reason for the bad breath to occur in your mouth is the use of tobacco in any form. Many people like to smoke and many people like to chew tobacco. Both of these practices can lead to serious deterioration of tissues present in gums. Use of tobacco can also result in staining of your teeth.

Poor health
Medical conditions, other than the ones related to oral cavity, can also result in bad breath. Sinus infections and problems related to respiratory tract can result in bad breath. Moreover, there are certain problems related to GI tract that can result in bad breath. Diabetes, liver diseases, kidney disease and bronchitis can also result in bad breath.

While it is good to take care of your oral and overall health at home, you need to visit your dentist and/or medical physician in order to keep your oral and overall health in proper check.

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